Hemp Protein Powder

Ananda Food hemp protein powder is our 100% Australian-grown and handled plant protein with a uniquely complete amino acid/omega fatty acid profile. It is naturally gluten and lactose-free and is also suitable for vegan/vegetarian diets.  

Our hemp protein powder is made from hemp seeds, which are cold-pressed and finely milled and sieved to produce a green to light brown powder with a minimum of 40% protein. While it is not only an excellent source of digestible protein, it retains both soluble and insoluble fibers, and so brings all the healthfulness of fiber to your diet. 

Hemp protein powder is incredibly versatile and has countless uses. It can be used in smoothies, salads, eaten straight, mixed in water, or used in protein baking – hemp protein lends itself well to muffins, bread, pasta, and pizza bases.  

Hemp protein offers a plant-based alternative to get an array of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, prebiotic fibers, and essential fatty acids into your diet. What’s more, the protein in hemp is a particular sort known as globulin edestin – these kinds of proteins are the building blocks for antibodies, enzymes, and many hormones.  

Invitation for use: Mix 20-30g hemp protein with 8-12oz of liquid for a protein shake, or in baking and cooking as desired.