About Us

Ananda Food is Australia's largest Hemp producer and leader in both growing and processing hemp and curating genetics.

100% Australian Grown Hemp

Our products are tested by independent, third-party labs for quality, consistency, heavy metals, and other contaminants to ensure you have the best, safest hemp available.

Additionally, our dehulled hemp seeds, hemp seed oil, hemp flour and protein powder are processed with zero additives.

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Hemp = Plant Based Protein

The Perfect High-Value Plant-Based Protein

Australians are Turning to
Plant Based Alternatives


Almost 3 Billion in Domestic
Sales Expected by 2030


Eating Less Meat
or No Meat at All


Lean Vegan
or Vegetarian



Why Go Plant Based with
Ananda Food?

  • Numerous health benefits from hemp
  • 100% Australian Hemp with strict quality control
  • 20+ years of experience growing hemp in Australia
  • Largest privately owned cannabis seed bank worldwide
  • Premium quality - best tasting hemp on the market
  • Third-party quality tested for quality & safety
  • Highest quality standards - every batch is traced
  • Seed to shelf production
  • Most affordable Australian hemp food range
  • Expert advisor panel (leading chefs, dietitians, nurses)

Inspired by Katelyn Lambert

Katelyn Lambert was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome at the age of two in 2014. This life-changing event for our Chairman, Barry Lambert and his family, was only the beginning. Shortly after Katelyn Lambert’s seizures were under control, they set off a chain of events that would see their vision to research, educate and ultimately ensure all Australians could access high-quality affordable CBD become a reality.