Nori and Hemp Rolls


200g cauliflower florets, cut into 4cm chunks

50g cashew nuts (optional)

2 tsp rice wine vinegar

4 nori sheets

2 large silverbeet leaves, cut into long strips

1 large carrot, cut into thin sticks

1 cucumber, cut into thin sticks

1 avocado, cut into 1cm strips

2 tbsp hemp seeds

Mixed fresh herbs (coriander, flat leaf parsley, mint)

Wasabi, tamari or gluten-free soy sauce to serve

Sushi bamboo mat


3-4, 32 bite size pieces




  1. Place cashews (if using) into food processor and pulse twice.
  2. Add cauliflower into food processor and continue to pulse until cauliflower resembles small granules. Transfer cauliflower rice to a small bowl. Stir through rice wine vinegar and set aside.
  3. Lay 1 nori sheet onto sushi mat, shiny side down.
  4. Cover half the nori sheet with ¼ of the cauliflower rice, leaving a large space at the far end and a small space close to the rolling edge.
  5. Lay silverbeet leaves, herbs, carrot, cucumber and avocado in strips across cauliflower rice.
  6. Sprinkle with ¼ of the hemp seeds.
  7. Using a sushi mat, roll nori sheet into a long roll and cut into 8 bite size pieces. Repeat with remaining nori sheets.
  8. Serve with wasabi, tamari or soy sauce and sprinkle with any leftover hemp seeds.


These nori rolls keep well for lunchboxes, and the cauliflower rice can be made in advanced and frozen for up to 3 months. Also add salmon or chicken to change up your rolls. A plastic storage bag can be placed over your bamboo sushi mat before rolling to avoid mess and food sticking; just leave an opening in the bag for the air to escape.